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  • Cortijo Bravo
  • B bou La Viñuela & Spa
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Mei Wellness & Spa

MEI WELLNESS & SPA is a new and unique concept of PRIVATE and exclusive Spa, where you can relax body and mind, enjoying the best views of La Viñuela reservoir.

You will only share it with whoever you want.

Enjoy our private Spa, massages, aesthetic treatments, facial and body treatments, alone or with your partner in a hotel in the middle of nature in Malaga.

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Hotel Cortijo Bravo

B bou Hotel La Viñuela & Spa would not be understood without the typical gastronomy of Malaga and Andalusia, a fundamental part of our offer and one of our highest priorities when it comes to making you enjoy your visit.

To do this, what better than to make use of all the good things that our hotel in nature provides us, a place of great culinary wisdom and incomparable raw materials?

Our terrace and restaurants located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature and with views of the well-kept gardens and the La Viñuela reservoir, are the perfect place for all visitors, those who are staying and those who come to enjoy a meal and a unique and special moment.

Enjoy good food with our Seasonal Restaurant Menu, enjoy our high-end Snack Menu, ideal for lunch or lighter dinners, if you are staying, enjoy magnificent room service on your terrace, these are some of the options. Discover the importance of a great team of professionals both in the dining room and in the kitchen. In summer we open our Alhama pool bar, for a carefree day and where a good paella accompanied by Gazpacho Andaluz or Ajoblanco becomes the ideal complement to a day at the pool.

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  • Cortijo Bravo
  • B bou La Viñuela & Spa

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